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Our Philosophy

Pizza is a vast subject matter, it has infinite ways and forms. We believe the current focus within the delivery pizza market centres around a product that could hardly be defined as authentic by someone who has travelled to Italy. Verizza aims to recreate the pleasures of an artisan Italian pizza in your home.


We have developed a proprietary recipe for pizza dough that uses various flours to achieve a product which is both fluffy yet crispy. Besides the traditional 00 Italian pizza flour, we incorporate some wholemeal varieties to add texture and depth of flavour to the dough. When it comes toppings our emphasis is on creativity, and all of our ingredients are selected purely on quality.


Our slogan is “Porta La Pizza” (“Delivers The Pizza”) as we believe that there should not be a trade off between quality and delivery. If you still want to enjoy our creations in our restaurant, we will welcome our customers in our location on 152 Newark Street, Hoboken.



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