About us



VERIZZA was founded by 3 Italian friends with a common passion for pizza. Over the many years we have spent outside of Italy, we have often struggled to find quality Italian pizza delivered to our doorstep. This is why VERIZZA was born. Everybody should be able to enjoy a high-quality artisan Italian pizza, in the comfort of their homes and at an affordable price.

Pizza comes in infinite ways and forms. Within Italy and abroad, it has been shaped by a myriad of different trends and schools. The style we most prize, and which we seek to reproduce, can be best described as “contemporary Italian”. The style blends a traditional Neapolitan base, with nods to the crunchier Roman style. To add depth of flavour, we use a blend of flours and let the dough rise slowly over the course of 24+ hours. The topping combinations also go beyond the classics, embracing a more creative and avant-garde approach to what makes a great pizza. The highest quality ingredients ensure the best flavour, while also making the pizzas healthier.

Even though we strive to make amazing delivery pizza, we haven’t overlooked the interiors of our restaurant. We have worked with top European designers to ensure our pizzeria captures the essence of modern Italian design. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a freshly baked pizza, and to meet us in person.

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